We serve as a partner who supports you fully in all stages of the life cycle of your solution: from consultation and planning through to implementation and operating and maintenance services. We develop an integrated strategy for your ICT platforms and continuously improve their performance. You receive options for optimising your business processes and ICT infrastructure over the entire value chain.
What we do
Suntel Switzerland and Enkom are firmly rooted in Switzerland while maintaining an international outlook. Our regional sites enable us to provide a high level of service quality and customer proximity, which is decisive in this sector. For more than 25 years, we have been a successful player based in central Switzerland: We can look back on numerous successful projects and are proud to boast so many satisfied customers. As an experienced full-service provider, we continue to expand our offer, thereby constantly enhancing our unique know-how. Everyone benefits: customers, partners and the company itself.
About us

Advice and engineering

Are you looking for an integrated strategy for your ICT platforms and would like to continuously develop their performance based on best practices and benchmarks? Would you like to be advised about ways to optimise your business processes and ICT infrastructure over the entire value chain?

Our advisory and engineering services are tailored to the individual needs of every customer. We apply state-of-the-art technology to help you ascertain your requirements, which we then use to develop strategies, feasibility studies and implementation concepts.

In the process, we always focus on the optimum benefit and your business requirements. This enables us to build the ideal bridge between your business needs and the necessary technology. We believe in the following strategic success factors:

We analyse your ICT solutions and identify strengths and weaknesses and potential spheres of action. We paint a clear picture of your communication processes and needs and contextualise them with existing and future ICT solutions.

We value the long-term focus of an ICT solution. We seek to achieve an optimal balancing act between high demands and a limited Budget.

We generate cost-benefit analyses to evaluate various ICT solution scenarios. We build an optimisation plan with which to illustrate how you can realign your ICT solutions and effectively adapt your processes and organisation.

We grant you access to expertise regarding future developments in information and telecommunications. As a technology innovator, we offer the guarantee of future security – for we keep close track of technical developments and can predict what the future will bring.