We serve as a partner who supports you fully in all stages of the life cycle of your solution: from consultation and planning through to implementation and operating and maintenance services. We develop an integrated strategy for your ICT platforms and continuously improve their performance. You receive options for optimising your business processes and ICT infrastructure over the entire value chain.
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Suntel Switzerland and Enkom are firmly rooted in Switzerland while maintaining an international outlook. Our regional sites enable us to provide a high level of service quality and customer proximity, which is decisive in this sector. For more than 25 years, we have been a successful player based in central Switzerland: We can look back on numerous successful projects and are proud to boast so many satisfied customers. As an experienced full-service provider, we continue to expand our offer, thereby constantly enhancing our unique know-how. Everyone benefits: customers, partners and the company itself.
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Create energy-efficient mobility without borders

Are you looking for a charging solution? We offer a customised e-mobility charging infrastructure for your Location.

Take the opportunity and seek detailed advice! We give you an overview of the different possibilities in the e-mobility market.

Thanks to our experience in the realisation of e-mobility charging infrastructures and the cooperation with well-known network operators, we offer a tailor-made solution. By analysing your location, we design the technical requirements and offer you the most attractive financing Option.

The different charging concepts

In today’s restless time, supportive services are essential for ideal time and resource management. Depending on the market segment and target groups, different perspectives are essential and thus different solutions are required.

Go & Charge

Within a short charging time, the vehicle is fully charged. The modular solution makes it possible to react to the current market situation and to expand the station at any time.


  • Garages
  • Restaurants
  • Service areas
  • Filing stations

Rest & Charge

Rest & Charge is designed for charging stations up to 22kW, providing optimal range coverage within up to four hours. During the charging time of the vehicle your customer can spend his time in your location.


  • Places of excursions
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Sport facilities
  • Communities
  • Hospitals
  • Car parks

Stay & Charge

Stay & Charge offers a full energy concept for locations with longer stays. The vehicle is loaded with a power of 3.7kW in up to eight hours. To reduce the costs of electricity, there is an additional concept with solar energy. With this combination, you are optimally equipped for the future.


  • Company parkings
  • Car parks
  • Communities
  • Households
  • Hotels


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