We serve as a partner who supports you fully in all stages of the life cycle of your solution: from consultation and planning through to implementation and operating and maintenance services. We develop an integrated strategy for your ICT platforms and continuously improve their performance. You receive options for optimising your business processes and ICT infrastructure over the entire value chain.
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Suntel Switzerland and Enkom are firmly rooted in Switzerland while maintaining an international outlook. Our regional sites enable us to provide a high level of service quality and customer proximity, which is decisive in this sector. For more than 25 years, we have been a successful player based in central Switzerland: We can look back on numerous successful projects and are proud to boast so many satisfied customers. As an experienced full-service provider, we continue to expand our offer, thereby constantly enhancing our unique know-how. Everyone benefits: customers, partners and the company itself.
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Managed LAN / WLAN Service

Leave the maintenance of the WLAN to the experts

In addition to the classic LAN, wireless communication via WLAN is becoming more and more important in companies. Today, it is not just a matter of setting up simple WLANs for guests, but also WLAN infrastructures that provide the same services as the conventional LAN.

With our Managed Service, we give you a complete LAN / WLAN networking solution as a subscription. You define the services based on modules – we will take care of the rest for you.

With Managed LAN / WLAN Service you only subscribe to the part of the network infrastructure that you actually need for your business. We take care of the complete configuration, regular maintenance, security and lifecycle and capacity management. In this way, you keep the investment and operating costs of such solutions under control.

Your advantages:

Application areas of Managed LAN / WLAN Service

We offer the Managed LAN / WLAN service for both temporary use and permanent installation. For permanent installations, all individual combinations are basically available to you. Our managed services are used in various application areas.

We offer you the following services: